Begova corba Sarajevo


Whats all about:
Join us on a walking tour as we bring you to explore and taste some local food tourists usually never try. Our 2-3 hours walking tour combines food tasting and sightseeing. Learn about old and new history of Sarajevo and Bosnia & Herzegovina, every day life, local customs and food in casual way.

After meeting and introduction we start tour walking through Austro-hungarian part of the city. We pass next to Eternal flame WWII memorial and visit indoor market from Austro-hungarian times. There we will sample some local cheeses like kajmak cream cheese and bosnian feta called travnicki cheese. In the same market we will also sample some bosnian smoked beef and bosnian smoked sausages. After, we visit open fruit and vegetable market and learn what vegetables are the most popular in bosnian cuisine.

On our way to old Ottoman part of the city we will also see Roman catholic cathedral and Sarajevo war roses and you will learn something about recent 92-95 war and hear first hand experiences. We continue to walk and visit line where east meets west, meeting point of Ottomans and Austro-hungarians. We enter in Ottoman part of the city called Bascarsija and go to local restaurant to try some local soups like Begova also known as afrodisiac soup ( you will learn why) or guests with more courage can also try cow stomach soup ( depend on availability).

In Ottoman part of the city you will also see and learn more about Bey mosque, Clock Tower and Sebilj fountain. Our next food stop is place to try kljukusa something like bosnian version of pizza. Time came for something sweet and we go to pastry shop and taste very sweet bosnian dessert baklava or stuffed apple dessert called tufahija. We end our tour in local coffee shop with bosnian coffee, juniper berry juice and bosanski lokum cookies.

You will learn how to properly drink bosnian coffee and why for locals is important part of daily life. They say food connect people. No matter the nationality the one common language humanity has in common is food. Food gets people talking, it facilitates conversation and promts people to ask each other questions. We are looking forward to meeting you.


We cover:

  • 5 food stops
  • Eternal flame
  • Roman catholic cathedral
  • Sarajevo roses
  • Clock tower
  • Bey mosque
  • Sebilj fountain


Time and booking: Every day in the afternoon hours. Booking few hours in advance is
required at:



38 Euro / 75 Bosnian Marks per person. Included in price all food and drinks, guiding, small gift bag at the end


2-3 hours


For whom: Independent travellers or small size groups. This tour is shared tour, you join other people.
Minimum 3 people required for tour to run, maximum 8 people in tour group

Tour can be done also as PRIVATE if you want guide just for you. Just contact for
info and price at:


Meeting point: National theater Susan Sontag square, check map bellow.

Meeting point