Whats all about:

In the month of JUNE you can book this tour only at request by email or whatsapp message one day in advance! We will be available for this tour in late morning hours. Contact us for more info about timing and other informations.

Check end of June for more updates about tour in upcoming months!

In this Free Sarajevo walking tour we cover  500 years old history from Ottoman, Austro hungarian times, Yugoslavia, 92 – 95 war to present times. If you want to see some must see sights  like Latin bridge and to hear WWI assassination story but also some of the beaten path sights then this is tour for you.


We cover:

  • Serbian orthodox cathedral
  • Ashkenazi synagogue
  • Emperor mosque
  • Latin bridge and WWI
  • Morica han
  • City hall
  • Brewery
  • Old town
  • Spite house and more


Time and booking

March 1 to November 30 daily at  10:45

Reservation for free walking tour is not required if you are up to 8 people. Just show up at the meeting point and say hello to a guide. If you are 8 or more people email reservation is required and if there is enough space you are welcome to join. For big groups of 8 or more people, small groups or solo travellers that want private guide this tour we also do as private. Contact us for more info and price

Send email at:


only tip based, you decide your own price


90 – 120 min


For whom:

Free Sarajevo walking tours are for solo travelers andsmall size groups.


Free tour meeting point:

Square in front of the National theater ( Narodno pozoriste) or also known as Susan Sontag square.