Whats all about

Join us to learn more about Sarajevo siege and recent war. In this 2 hours Sarajevo walking tour we will share personal experiences, visit memorials, discuss life during the war and outline our modern political set-up and post-war recovery challenges and tell you about life today. Our tour groups are small and personal and we limit them to max 18 participants.

How do free tours work?

It is simple, you decide about the price of the tour. We don’t receive any income other than payments from satisfied customers, meaning top quality tours on fair terms. Usual standard and expected fair payment for free tour concept if satisfied with tour is 8-10 Euros ( 15- 20 BAM) or more per person, depending on your satisfaction level and travel budget.

We will give our best to deliver the best possible tour and we hope you will value and appreciate all the hard work and passion we put in creating and doing this tour 🙂

Also if after first 30 min of participating you see that this is not the type of tour you wanted you are free to leave but please just tell us you are going to leave the tour, you are not obliged to stay because there is no advance payment. Its normal that maybe you dont like the style of guide and its not your type of tour 🙂



We cover:

  • Sarajevo roses
  • Children memorial
  • Canned beef memorial
  • Snipper alley
  • Holiday Inn hotel
  • Parliament building
  • Presidency building
  • War acrobats art installation
  • Post office
  • Srebrenica genocide and more


Time and booking: 

 ATTENTION! TOUR ON 16 & 19                   JUNE WILL START AT 13:30!

                   From 10.3 to 31.10 at 16:00 ( July &                                August at 17:00)

Booking is compulsory! We accept only participants with confirmed booking because we limit the size of our groups.

If you are group of 6 or more people then you need to book private tour.

Also if starting time does not fit you or you dont to want to share tour with other people then you can also book this tour as private. War scars tour can be combined with East meets west tour into one tour if you book as private. Contact us for more info and price

Send reservation email or whatsapp message with your name and number of participants  at:



120 min


For whom:

Tours are for solo travellers and small size groups.


Meeting point:

National theater square also known as Pozorisni trg – Susan Sontag. Guide will be at square side of the National theatre (Narodno pozoriste).

DONT WAIT at the river side!

Guide will hold A4 size blue foot print logo. If its busy on the square ( some event, manifestation etc) guide will wait on the side walk next to square where is pharmacy ( apoteka)!